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22'' 20 Gal Ride On Floor Scrubber 140 AH Battery

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1. Floor scrubber Drive Type: Traction Drive

2. Floor scrubber 20" Cleaning Width, squeegee Width: 32 inch.

3. Floor scrubber 20 Gallon recovery tank, 19 Gallon solution tank

4. Floor scrubber Maintenance free Batteries, provides 4~5 time per charge

5. Floor scrubber Big power and easy operate, two walk behind floor scrubber's work efficiency

6. Floor scrubber Compact design and more flexiable.

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22'' 20 Gal Ride On Floor Scrubber 140 AH Battery

Product Description

The machine adopts high-power rear-drive motor with good climbing performance, Curtis controller with good reliability, V-shaped cast aluminum scraper with good water absorption effect, and 24V 140Ah large capacity battery pack with a long operation time of 4-5 hours.

Technical Details

Cleaning Path22
Traction  forward/backward
Number of brushes1
Brush rotation speed200
Solution Tank19
Recovery Tank20
Batteries12V 140AH*2
Type batteriesGEL 
Sound Level68
Run time per charge 3-4
Cleaning Productivity 32292
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