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55″ 40 Gal Ride-On Floor Sweeper Cleaning Path 150Ah Battery Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Automated Water Spray

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1. Maximize productivity with a 55-inch broad sweep path and a large 40 gallon dustbin
2. Extend Up to 5 Hours of runtime and clean anytime with reduced noise levels
3. Simplified operation and Up to 7.5 mph fast cleaning speed with the easy control buttons
4. 21 gallon Large water tank Automated water spray, easy-empty dustbin, pneumatically controlled brushes. Great for indoor and outdoor use
5. 64585‐96878 sqft/h working efficiency. Built to last, highly reliable, and designed for easy operation and less energy consumption
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55″ 40 Gal Ride-On Floor Sweeper Cleaning Path 150Ah Battery Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines Automated Water Spray

Product Description

Ride-On Floor Sweeper

The ride-on floor sweeper is an automatic cleaning all-in-one machine combining vacuuming, sweeping and spraying with liquid crystal display to increase power. It is suitable for cleaning parks, property cleaning, factories, plazas and high places

Reduce Cost to Clean

Increase the design of chassis, high work efficiency, 3MM carbon steel plate body and bottom plate, strong bearing capacity, and install front anti-collision bar.

Minimize the need for multiple passes with efficient one-pass sweeping.

Reduce cleaning time and extend cleaning reach with optional dual side brushes.

Maintain Health & Safety

Rolling car shell, water tank and shell integrated in one, high-end texture, durable, colorfast.

Reduce fatigue and increase operator safety and visibility with 360-degree sightlines.

Ensure operator foot and leg protection with full front shroud.

Efficient Sweeping

Advanced synchronous shaft and pulley concentric technology, smooth brushing operation, uniform wear. Brush height adjustment is convenient.

Large diameter 330mm/13 inch roller brush for extended replacement cycle. External dust blowing system, can not frequently remove the filter element to clean the dust in the body.

Easy Maintenance

Increase ease of operation and simplify training with intuitive operator controls.

Operators can easily access the machine with ingress and egress on both sides.

Quickly remove the easy-glide hopper using the sturdy handle and built-in wheels.

Convenient after sale maintenance, do not need to use any tools to remove and replace all the brush and filter.

Technical Details

Voltage 48V/100AH
Clean the Width 55"
Main Brush Width 27 1/2"
Side Brush Diameter 20"
Working Efficiency 64585‐96878 sqft/h
Working Time 4~5 Hour
Dumpster Capacity 40 Gal
Walking Motor 1.6 Hp
Rolling Brush Motor 1.07 Hp
Brush the Motor 0.13 Hp
Speed of Travel 0‐7.5 mph
Battery Capacity 150 Ah
Water Tank Capacity 21 Gal
Voltage 110V, 60 Hz, 1Ph
Product Size 73 x 55 x 55 in
Vehicle Weight 1211 Lbs
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